September Bruleurs BBQ

Just back from the playa and hungry to share all the stories? Looking to warm your soul by that Burnery fire yet again? Here’s your chance:

Our Brûleurs Potluck for September is another fabulous BBQ in Simon and Fred’s Ruelle — a.k.a. “Burner Alley”! — behind Hotel de Ville and Laval, between Napoleon and Roi.

Entrance via Hotel de Ville or Napoleon.

Official start-time is 5pm, but feel free to come a couple hours early if you want to help Simon decorate the Alley. You can pARTicipate in his Special Secret Project, or bring some art of your own (but be sure to pack it out again and Leave No Trace!).

What to bring: grillables (meat and/or veggies); drinkables; musical instruments; circus toys. Just bring whatever inspires you.

And hey, be prepared for cool weather: these northern nights get chilly fast in September — kinda like the playa.


[Can you provide a translation of the above? Send it in a message to Glenn Grant or Kay O’Sweaver and we’ll add it here.]

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