Brûleurs June Potluck BBQ / Murray’s Housewarming

Brûleurs June Potluck / Murray’s Housewarming

Sunday June 24 at 4:00pm
5457 Avenue Brodeur, Montreal

Murray says:

“Moving to a gorgeous new place in NDG, we’re having a big party on St.-Jean and the Burners are invited! It’s a BBQ Potluck, so please bring a little something to contribute — something for the grill, or a side dish, or a dessert, or a bottle of quelquechose. We will provide snacks, and random BBQ goodness.’

“Party begins at 4pm and continues indefinitely. Partners and children are more than welcome!

“(In the event of rain, we will postpone to Canada Day.)”

One Comment on “Brûleurs June Potluck BBQ / Murray’s Housewarming”

  1. Will Bill says:

    I will try to be part of this ! I want to discuss with Montreal Burners for my upcomming participation on the playa 2012 ! 🙂

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