Monthly meetup

Every month the Brûleurs de Montreal have a gathering to share stories and have a few laughs. Sometimes it’s at a pub or café, other times we have potlucks or picnics. Its something halfway between a meeting and socializing.

Generally, meetings occur on the second Tuesday of the month. The specifics as to the location and type of event, however, is up to you. We use shotgun rules – that is, anyone can call a gathering and whoever calls it first claims the right to decide when, where and what it is.

Some guidelines, and feel free to ignore some or all of these:

  • It should be readily accessible by various forms of transportation
  • There should be the option of food for various dietary restrictions
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Space for a potentially large number of people

Calling a gathering is done on the Brûleurs Discussion list. Full details will then be posted on facebook, the news section of this site, as well as the Brûleurs Calendar.

The next monthly roundup is…

Brûleurs Potluck Avril & CORE Meeting — chez Dr Distracto!

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