BBQ ART Fun(d) Raiser in Parc Jeanne Mance

[English follows…]

Vous êtes hyper invités et attendus!
Et vous êtes tous VIP ! : tous les amis, les supporteurs et les amis des amis (es) !!!

Jeudi 19 juillet de 17h30 à 23h00
Parc Jeanne-Mance, le long de Duluth, entre Parc et de l’Esplanade

Nous vous offrons :
“Lots of fun”, performances…
Tous les fonds aident les artistes à terminer l’œuvre qui représente la ville de Montréal au festival d’ArT Burning Man 2012 au Nevada !
Célébrons aussi l’été ensemble!

Projet d’ArT : 2 “Man” qui supportent le canot (peint a la main par plusieurs artistes) de la légende de la chasse-galerie.

Zuruba, les célèbres percussionnistes brésiliens, qui font partie intégrante du concept et qui le fera vivre!

Toutes nos contributions servent à payer seulement le prix des matériaux et le transport de la structure vers le désert du Nevada où a lieu Burning Man.

Au menu:
– buffet de salades fraiches et colorées, des légumes au quinoa, le choix ne manquera pas!
– burger de luxe (végé ou non) sur le grill avec accompagnements estivaux et décadents…

Le tout servi par d’adorables chefs 😉 Hugo et son team brûlant ☺

Pour réussir ce BBQ, nous avons besoin de VOUS!!!

Ajoutez du piquant à la soirée en apportant vos instruments de musique, créativité, boisson, joie de vivre, folie, la voisine qui a l’air cute, ton ex pis/ou ton ami…

Contribution 15$ pour le repas et toute autre contribution pour l’art! ;)))

On a surtout hâte de vous voir et de vous gâter!!!
Gâtons-nous tous ensemble!!!
Cheers and love xxxxx

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Friends and all our family of friends from all over!!

We invite you to our SUPER BBQ in Jeanne-Mance’s park, on Thursday July 19th, between 5:30 and 11:00 pm.

Let’s celebrate summer and fund a super cool art project: “PORTAGE” — the large sculpture that will represent Montreal at Burning Man 2012. PORTAGE consists of two giant “Man” figures portaging a canoe, hand-painted by several Montreal artists. It’s based on the Quebec legend of the chasse-galérie, the magical flying canoe.

Famous Brazilian percussionists Zuruba will participate –making it come to life LIVE!

Your contributions will help us pay for supplies and the shipping of the structure.

For You:
Performances and loads of FUN!
Live music, percussion from Zuruba, and you and your own instruments joining in!
and of course food!

On the menu:
– Colorful salad buffet, from legumes to quinoa
– Burger deluxe (veggie or not) on the grill with wild summery and delicious sides.

All of the above will be served by our delectable chefs, Hugo and his hot team!

To make this event a success we need YOU!
Spice up the evening by bringing your music instruments, your creativity, your drinks, your happiness, your craziness, the cute next door neighbor, your ex and/or your date…

Contribution is 15$ for the meal (or more if you feel generous :))

Looking forward to see you this week in the park!!!
Cheers, hugs and love xxxxx

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Brûleurs June Potluck BBQ / Murray’s Housewarming

Brûleurs June Potluck / Murray’s Housewarming

Sunday June 24 at 4:00pm
5457 Avenue Brodeur, Montreal

Murray says:

“Moving to a gorgeous new place in NDG, we’re having a big party on St.-Jean and the Burners are invited! It’s a BBQ Potluck, so please bring a little something to contribute — something for the grill, or a side dish, or a dessert, or a bottle of quelquechose. We will provide snacks, and random BBQ goodness.’

“Party begins at 4pm and continues indefinitely. Partners and children are more than welcome!

“(In the event of rain, we will postpone to Canada Day.)”

September Bruleurs BBQ

Just back from the playa and hungry to share all the stories? Looking to warm your soul by that Burnery fire yet again? Here’s your chance:

Our Brûleurs Potluck for September is another fabulous BBQ in Simon and Fred’s Ruelle — a.k.a. “Burner Alley”! — behind Hotel de Ville and Laval, between Napoleon and Roi.

Entrance via Hotel de Ville or Napoleon.

Official start-time is 5pm, but feel free to come a couple hours early if you want to help Simon decorate the Alley. You can pARTicipate in his Special Secret Project, or bring some art of your own (but be sure to pack it out again and Leave No Trace!).

What to bring: grillables (meat and/or veggies); drinkables; musical instruments; circus toys. Just bring whatever inspires you.

And hey, be prepared for cool weather: these northern nights get chilly fast in September — kinda like the playa.


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Bruleurs BBQ Juin

18 June · 15:00 – 22:00

Chez Dr. Distracto & Fred

Montreal, QC

Created by:

For Brûleurs de Montréal Burners

More info
Its starting to get playa hot in Montreal, but damn its a lot more humid than the playa ever is! Perfect time for a BBQ! Yes this month’s Bruleurs get together is a BBQ hosted by Dr. Distracto & Fred.We’ll be gathering in the ruelle behind Hotel de Ville and Laval and between Napoleon and Roi (I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere). Bring your meat and/or your veggies, bring an instrument or your circus toys. The guys are also trying to artify the ruelle a little bit so there’ll be some art supplies to play with and flowers to plant. If you have things of your own to add bring ’em along!============FRANCAIS==============

Should read 3pm-6am…
We’ll start with some creative artification, get the BBQ fired up around 6’ish, and see where the night takes us…
Should be a good time to get your playa plans together and start (if u haven’t already) setting up camp.